How to get six pack fitness doing workouts

Due to the tendency of being overweight, most of the American people think that it is easier to be millionaire than to get six pack abs. Both of these are equally worth trying. As a matter of fact each and every individual has six pack abs. But the problem is that these are hidden under the layer of the belly fat and hence cannot be seen. To make these visible and attain six pack fitness one has to melt fat and also to grow the abs muscles. This is not impossible if one has dedication, patience and spare some time regularly for doing the needed workouts and follow six pack diet plans to enhance the process. This article aims to discuss some six pack abs workout with for the benefit of the people.

How to get six pack fitness doing workouts

Problems in getting six pack fitness

Most of the persons doing six pack workouts think that the more is always better and most of them forget the layer of fat that is covering the muscles. Melting the fat and doing workouts are necessary for achieving good results. One must keep good balance between these two aspects for getting a rock hard six pack abs.

Here are eight six pack fitness workouts that deliver excellent results.

  1. Bicycle crunches

This works both upper and the lower abs and as such helps to grow good abs. To do this you have to extend both of you legs into the air while lying on your back and supporting your neck with the fingers. Move the legs as if you are pedaling a bicycle. For obtaining good results 4 sets of 25 reps are to be done.

  1. Leg lifts

Doing leg lifts is one of good six pack fitness workouts. Lie on the floor on your back and place your hands on the sides of your body. Now lift both the legs together, without bending your knees, towards the chest so that these are at almost 90° angle with your body. Lower the lags and repeat the same without the legs touching the floor. Do several reps.

  1. Jackknife sit ups

This is an advance abs workout and can be done by the beginners and the experienced as well. The beginners should lie on their back with the arms stretching straight on the side of the head. Now raise your torso while bending the knees so the stretched arms touch the knee. The experienced ones should do this keeping the legs straight and without bending your knees. Do several repeats for best results.

  1. Barbell rollouts

Barbell rollouts help to build beautiful abs and lower back muscles and also stabilize the body. To do the workout grab the bar with both hands keeping them more than shoulder width apart and place the barbell beneath your shoulder. Next roll the barbell using the abs for controlling the movement and stretch yourself as far as possible and then return to the starting position. Do several reps keeping your back straight all the time.

  1. Crossover crunch

Lie on your back with your knees bend. Now put your left leg on the right knee and your right hand under your head and the placing the left hand by the side of your body. Now lift your shoulder off the floor by contracting the abs and twist your body so that the right elbow meets the left knee and go down. Do this severally and repeat the same on the opposite side of the body.

  1. Medicine ball slam

Stand keeping your legs a shoulder width apart holding a medicine ball in both of your extended hands over your head and keep your knees slightly bend. Now crunch your abdominal muscles as you slam the ball hard on the floor. Catch it when it is bouncing back and repeat severally. This six pack fitness workout yields good results in building abs.

  1. Cable wood chopper

Setting the cable at the maximum high pulley position grab the handle and stand with your feet a shoulder width apart. Now pull the cable down to the opposite side of your body rotating your body at the same time. Immediately return to the starting position and again pull the handle down. Repeat the process severally.

  1. Hanging leg rise

Put yourself in a dead hang position grabbing a bar. Now use the strength of your abs lift your legs together till that forms almost 90° angle with your body. Hold it for a second again lower your body to the dead hang position. This works very well in developing six pack abs and should be done without swinging the body for best results.

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